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Too many people have unfair prejudices about motorcyclists. We understand that you are aware of the risks of operating a motorcycle and take the necessary safety precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Unfortunately, the same is not always true for your companions on the road. If you’re on a motorcycle that’s hit by a car, you’re three times more likely to be seriously injured than someone injured in an accident involving two cars. The assumption is that most injuries are brain-related due to the lack of a helmet, but a multi-year study actually revealed that only 17% of riding injuries are brain-related. While it’s proven that helmets do prevent head injuries, an overwhelmingly large percentage of motorcycle accidents cause injuries to other parts of the body.

Motorcycle Accidents Lawsuits Are Treated Differently

At Law Offices of Steven Ibarra, we understand the misconceptions people have in regards to motorcyclists and we are prepared to fight against them. If you have been injured or your motorcycle damaged in a vehicular accident, you deserve to have an understanding team ready to defend your rights to just and fair compensation.

The faster you contact a Whittier motorcycle accident lawyer experienced in motorcycle accidents, the better your chances are of recouping your financial losses. Motorcycle cases do not improve with time. Hiring a lawyer quickly will enable time to gather important information and evidence significant for your case.

Insurance companies are ready to defend their client and avoid paying costly claims. However, it is rare that an accident victim will reap what is rightly owed in an injury case without the assistance of legal representation. If you were injured due to negligence of the fault of another driver, you are entitled to full reimbursement for your medical bills, lost wages, emotional pain, and loss of enjoyment of life. We will study your case, evaluate your particular situation, and dispatch the necessary means to complete your case and get you moving with your life.

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