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When it comes to child support, determining what is fair for both parents and the child can be difficult and subjective. Thus, it is often difficult to agree on a value that satisfies every party. At Law Offices of Steven Ibarra, our family law team has extensive knowledge and experience in handling a multitude of child support cases, finding solutions that benefit our clients. When determining an amount that is fair for the parents and child, the courts use a guideline calculator, in addition to other variables, such as the child's living arrangements and special medical needs. Using this calculator, the judge is able to estimate a fair child support payment that will satisfy the financial needs of the child.

Areas that are taken into consideration when estimating child support payments include:

  • Net disposable income of both parents
  • Employment history, education, and vocational training
  • Total amount of children in need of support
  • Physical and legal custody arrangement
  • Tax liabilities of both parents
  • Any additional children receiving child support from either parent
  • Child's medical expenses
  • Any other costs relevant to child support payments

Collecting Child Support Payments

Sadly, oftentimes parents will avoid paying out child support payments. In these cases, our legal team is able to provide you with representation that is focused on pursuing a situation where your child is being provided for. Both federal and local governments have laws in place to help parents retrieve child support payments that are owed to them as the legal custodial parent. This includes direct wage deductions, federal income tax intercepts, license suspensions and revocations, and other restrictions. In cases where the non-custodial parent lives out of state, federal prosecution by the U.S. Office of the Inspector General can be enforced.

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