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Drowning in Debt? Let Us Be Your Lifeline to a More Secure Future.

You’re scared to answer the phone. There are stacks of unopened bills. You struggle with feelings of shame, depression, and hopelessness. You ask yourself how you let your finances get so far out of control.

After all, it started with just one credit card…

Whether it’s due to a job loss, illness, injury, or divorce, you can quickly find yourself living beyond your means. A change in circumstance can result in debt overtaking your life, no matter how careful you have been in the past.

If you’re overburdened with debt, what are your options? Is debt settlement right for you? At Law Offices of Steven Ibarra, we can complete a detailed, thorough analysis of your financial situation. Our team will work with creditors to reduce the balance on your debt and negotiate a payment plan that works for you. The ideal outcome is to have all unsecured debt (any that isn’t backed by collateral) settled for a percentage of the dollar amount.

Let Our Expertise & Insight Guide You Out of the Haze of Debt

After meeting with you and learning about your unique situation, we will discuss settlement terms with your creditors on your behalf while working as quickly and efficiently as possible to come up with the best possible solution. In addition to answering all of your questions, our team will help you prioritize your debts, help you understand legal ramifications of not paying debts, and represent you in debt settlement negotiations.

Of course, all debt has risks, from high interest rates and penalties to tax issues and lawsuits brought by creditors. We’ll make sure you have a thorough understanding of these risks and what they mean to your case.

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Having the right Los Angeles County bankruptcy attorney in your corner can make all the difference in securing your financial future. We pride ourselves in providing honest, responsible, and reliable service to our clients. The personal attention and expertise you will receive from our staff will restore your peace of mind and your confidence in a brighter tomorrow. Just imagine: no more harassing phone calls, collection letters, or creditors coming to your home at all hours of the night. Imagine being debt-free in a matter of months.

Delaying debt negotiation can make a bad problem worse.
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